General Questions

Most lenders/borrowers offer RV Loans for tiny home purchases. Credit unions and regional banks are generally comfortable financing tiny homes with loans of varying rates that last up to 15 years with monthly payments of a couple hundred dollars.

Our tiny homes, once titled, licensed and insured to tow legally as an RV can be towed by a standard truck.

Upon ordering one of our tiny homes, a consultant will be in contact with you to determine the necessary upgrades, changes, and specs needed to build you the tiny home of your dreams that not only matches your style, but perform for whatever adventures await.

Our tiny homes generally take 60-120 days to design, build, and deliver. Tiny house build times generally depend on procurement of materials and level of customization.

Your tiny home will be available for pick-up free of charge or delivered upon completion for an additional delivery fee. Specific delivery or pick-up details will be worked out upon completion of your tiny home.

  • Primary residence
  • Traveling
  • Camping
  • Hunting/fishing cabin
  • Guest house
  • Secondary/vacation home